For you to enjoy your marriage and be at peace with your spouse, below are what you must do as young couples:

  1. Serve God together: The cement of every marriage is God. Serve God together as a couple in the same church. Listening to the same message under the same leader following the same church doctrines will help you solidify your faith and bring you into the unity of faith.
  2. Go to bed together regularly: There are routines in marriage that help to grow marriage without stress. One of such is going to bed regularly at a specific time daily. This brings emotional connection and revitalizes love in marriage.
  3. Appreciate one another: Gratefulness attracts while ingratitude repels. Give much appreciation to your spouse daily. Appreciate the facial look, hair-do, stature, cooking, gifts and money given to you by your spouse. Don’t take anything for granted. Without appreciation, there will be depreciation in love.
  4. Respect your spouse: Every man wants a wife that will respect him. Respect will endear you to your husband. Respect him regardless of his position at work or financial ability. Likewise, husbands should honour their wives too. The wife you honour is the woman that will submit to you.
  5. Be a team: Strive to maintain a team spirit in your marriage. Don’t pitch your tent against your spouse, always go in the same direction pursuing your goals together. Make yourself a formidable team and you will be impenetrable to the enemies.
  6. Pray for your spouse: Make your spouse your prayer project daily. The spouse you pray for will not be a project in the hands of the devil. Handover your spouse’s heart, desire, characters, actions, decision, friendship, job, health, finances and sex life into the hands of God.
  7. Ask for clarification: Always endeavor to clarify issues with your spouse, don’t be a mind-reader, this will bring negative assumptions that will lead to frictions and conflicts. When you don’t have a clear understanding of any issue, ask for clarifications before jumping into conclusion.
  8. Apologise: You can’t be right at all times, be humble enough to apologise. Learn to say “I am Sorry” Don’t be too proud to apologise to your partner. Stop claiming rights lest you wrong your marriage deeply.
  9. Protect your partner: It is an error for you to team up with your relatives to fight your spouse. Be the defender and protector of your spouse anytime and anywhere. Protect her from your family and any external enemies.
  10. Eat together: Intimacy doesn’t start in the bedroom, it’s a combination of conscious activities that stir up love in marriage. Among these activities is eating together daily as couples. This builds togetherness and oneness.
  11. Sleep together: Living together under the same roof is not enough but sleeping together in the same room on the same bed. Avoid staying in different rooms; maintain a room as husband and wife even if you live in 50 bedroom apartment. This brings fondness and makes your heart beats together as one.
  12. Go on a date regularly: Breakaway from your regular routine to hang out with your spouse in a cosy restaurant or tourist centre will re-ignite your love and add icing to your romance.
  13. Play together: Don’t live in marriage as executive couples. Loosen up! Relax and play together. Play indoors and outdoors together, freshen up and build fond memories of your marriage. Be playmates, don’t just be a flatmate.
  14. Spend time together: Time is the fuel of love. It takes time for love to grow. Deliberately create time to be together as husband and wife. If your love must get stronger and fresher, you must spend quality time together regularly.
  15. Communicate: Positive communication freshens up love and builds friendship. Don’t just be a marriage partner, be a talking partner. Talk deeply as friends and not as boss and subordinates. Talk to build and not to tear apart. Don’t insult your spouse, avoid sarcastic statements. But speak with courtesies: say I am sorry, please, I love you, I was wrong, I married right, Thank you, you are the best, among others.
  16. Plan together: Two good heads are better that one. Put your heads together, ruminate over your dreams and visions together. Plan how to achieve them and move forward together. If both of you can plan together and have the same focus, you are bound to achieve greatness with speed.
  17. Have a regular sex: Regular sex in marriage renews love and breeds intimacy. You must not be on sex-strike if you want your marriage to work. Engage in both spontaneous and scheduled sex regularly to oil the engine of your marriage.
  18. Go on Holiday together: Travelling with your spouse to new environments away from your home brings new experience that refreshes and revitalizes love
  19. Learn more about marriage: You can’t know enough about marriage, it is an in-exhaustive course. Be eager to know more about marriage, men, women, sex, romance, adjustment, love, conflict management, temperament, and gender differences in marriage, money management in marriage, among others through books, DVDs and seminars. The more you learn the better your marriage.
  20. Express your dissatisfaction: Avoid pretence, express your dissatisfaction concerning any issue in your marriage with love. Avoid bottle-up anger which may cause greater explosion later in life. No matter how you cover it, it will come out later as a blown-up anger, argument, resentment, passive aggression or divorce.
  21. Surprise each other: Marriage can become boredom if everything about it is a routine. Break the boredom, surprise your spouse. Become ‘unpredictable’ in love. Give a surprise gift, surprise visit to your partner’s office, surprise birthday bash, surprise dinner date, among others. Let your brain run wild on how to surprise your spouse daily and see sizzling romance in your marriage

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