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Anywhere without the presence of God, is a place of all manners of trouble and calamity, peace and tranquility are strange words in that kind of place. If God is not welcome in your home, you are welcoming trouble, for your result depends on whether God is involved or not. If he is not involved, destruction revolves round you. The longer you stay before God the stronger you become. But if you live a wrong life; your enemies will become strong enough to swallow you.

Dear husband, make God the head of your home, the silent listener to every conversation, the unseen guest at every meal time. If this unseen guest can be seen in your home; then trouble and tears will be far away.

If you really want God to be involved in your matter, then stop or never do the following:

  1. Stop smoking: The Federal ministry of health warns that smokers are liable to die young, but I am telling you, they will not only die of cancer of the lung here on earth, but they will go to hell. Stop smoking. All wise men have stopped smoking years ago, only the foolish ones like you are still in this demonic art of destruction.

If you continue to smoke, the following things will happen:

*     You will smell like an unkempt mortuary.

*     You will send true friends away. You will only have foolish men like you as friends.

*     You will not be far away from all manner of sicknesses

*     You will send your guardian angel away, for you will be stinking.

*      You will lose your eternal life

*      Your lip will become black and dark.

2.Stop drinking beer (alcoholic drinks)

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler and whoever that is led away by it, is not wise” Pro 20:1

The Bible is saying here that, those who drink alcohol are fools. Sir, are you a fool? It was God that said it, not me.

When are you going to become wise? If you are not foolish, what are you doing with something that makes you behave as if you are not sane? Even in the law court you are recognized as a mad man whenever you drink. As one who does not know what he is doing.BE WISE, STOP DRINKING ALCOHOLIC DRINKS.

If you continue drinking, the following things will happen:

*   You will lose the presence of God, and enemies will catch up with you.

*   You will be wasting your money on booze

*   You will be addicted to “bottles”

*  It will cloth you with poverty and shame (Proverb 23:21)

*  You will be doing things you will regret later.

*  You will constantly fall into sexual immorality that can leads to HIV/AIDS

*   You will lose eternal life

*  You will be beating your lovely wife and may even kill her.

Stop justifying yourself, come back to   God. Alcohol is alcohol even if it is one bottle, stop being foolish.

“For the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty and drowsiness will cloth a man with rags”

(Pro 23:21).

Other things you must do away with if you want God in your home are: playing of pool, betting, adultery, lying using of juju and hard drugs and wife battering, e.t.c

If you really want God in your home, then do the following:

Be genuinely born again – i.e. repent of your sin, confess them, forsake them and embrace God.

*   Join a Bible-believing church around you.

*   Read your Bible daily

* Pray daily- Become a man of prayer. A prayer less man is a student in the school of marital failure.

*  Start a family prayer in your home- family ALTAR is the place where the plan of the devil concerning a home can be ALTERED. That is why the family that prays together stay together. A prayer – less home is the abode of the devil.

*  Make sure everybody participates in the  family altar.

*   Have a personal quiet time everyday

*  Do vigil at home occasionally to destroy every power of the night.

*  Divorce yourself from all ungodly friends (Proverb 23:20)

* Separate yourself from all ungodly family


*  Live a righteous life. Be upright in your

doings (Ps 37:37).

* Make it your habit to pray for and with  your wife.

*   Learn the habit of good communication. Never shout on your wife.

*   Love your wife with all your heart

*   Provide for your family

*  Be committed to God and your marriage vows.

Bisi Adewale
Bisi Adewale


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