On July 30th 2017 during my sent forth from the university, a mad woman entered into the church and she came towards me while people were helping her out and she said, I came to revenge you of what your father did seven years ago and she dipped her hands into my eyes and immediately I went blank. Then I kept crying God I served you throughout my school days, I don’t want to graduate being blind.

During August convention, on a Friday of that day, daddy G.O was ministering and I felt hot sensations in my eyes then I requested for water. Immediately I washed my face I saw clearly again all to the glory of God, I can see and that has been what has made me an evangelist  where I won 21 souls last month and I know that I will still win more for him for he has done it, all glory and honour to him. Who did it! Jesus, oh my God, wow!


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