Pastor O. Ubarako
Pastor O. Ubarako

By the grace of God every month we are a team of thirty we normally go out for crusade. Recently we were in a community called Utu community, Rivers state in Nigeria for the crusade. After the programme, some of us were coming back in two cars.

From Port Harcourt to the community is about three hours, so we left the community by 6:15 am on Sunday 25th of November. As we were approaching a community called Eleele some gun men came out from the bush, they were all on military uniform. They started shooting at us, I was driving the first car and the second car was coming behind me. I got confused not knowing what to do so I stopped in the middle of the road and then the shooting increased.

Meanwhile, during the November Holy Ghost service Daddy said we will not sorrow and then some years ago he also told the youth, that nobody will be able to kill us. So they were shooting I decided to engage the reverse gear, now knowing that another car (a second car) a Toyota Sienna that went with us is coming behind me I lifted up my eyes to look at the rear mirror. I saw three boys came out on military uniform and they shot at us. The back windshield came down, all the glass by the right they pull them down, the two tyres on my side (Lexus) they pulled them down with bullets and then when the Sienna coming behind saw what was happening he wanted to stop but the pastor sitting in the front (we are about four youth pastor that went for the crusade) slapped him on the back and said don’t stop just move into them, so he accelerated. As he was coming, they released more bullets into the Sienna but he passed.

Now I was static at that position, confused not knowing what to do and they were shooting from the front, the back, the right side and on the left side. A bullet flew passed my ear and I couldn’t hear with the right ear for a while, it was making a humming sound. And then one of them walked up to the car and tried to open the door, somehow God denied him the wisdom to pass his hand when there is no glass to open the door by himself but he was trying to open the car door from the outside but he couldn’t. Then he cocked his gun, when I saw that he had cocked the gun I now came to my senses and engage the car on the drive gear and pressed on the gas pedal and we zoomed off. And they increased the shooting and I dodged. Meanwhile everybody in the car dodged and they were shouting Jesus. So when I pressed on the gas pedal I didn’t know we moved into the bush because the two tyres on my side were already shattered with bullets, so I was able to hold the car and turn it back to the road and then we escaped. No bullet touch anybody, nobody sustained any bullet injury. Let somebody shout Halleluyah!

Pastor O. Ubarako


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