The Bible has made clear the responsibilities of every Christian on earth; however, one might find himself in a contrast situation which has to do with how to go about making disciples. We find it easy to share tract and evangelize but how easy can it get when you have to be face to face with an unbeliever, how do you interact with him in order not deviate from the goal of winning him over to Christ as well as prevent yourself from falling prey to a misconduct.

We have moved round to ask questions from various Christians regarding this and these are their views.  Excerpt:

Unbelievers in the church fall into two categories. A Christian must know which category he is dealing with. One category is the lost sheep which need to be shown love and won into the kingdom. The second category is the pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing who are there as mixed multitude.

The first category is not the type to have problem with since they are willing to be helped. The approach to the second category requires separation from them to avoid contamination but the believer must be careful not to fall into the trap of looking down on them, condemning them or judging them, because those actions make the Christian to also be like one of them.

John Paul D. E

At first as a Christian we are saved to save others, you can’t exist without an unbeliever, Jesus told his disciples that I’m sent to save the lost sheep of Israel; I believe he was talking about the unbeliever and not the believer. Having established that fact, however as a Christian, you need wisdom to relate with an unbeliever and that wisdom is found in the Holy Spirit.

How do you relate, at first let your lifestyle portray that of a Christian so that when you have anything to do with an unbeliever, he already knows that he is dealing with a Christian.

People do say what does light have to do with darkness, but my answer is this, let your light shine in that darkness, another is that you should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, yes that’s true but that doesn’t mean you should not have anything to do with them but there must be a difference, people should be able to differentiate than to yoke your lives together.

Chukwu Christian

There is no way to interact with them other than with LOVE. Unbelievers are fellows not with the experience or the lifestyle of a believer. A believer who has sophisticated understanding of God must not reject or condemn any unbeliever because he or she was once like such a person(unbeliever). The believer must show them love through his attitude, making them understand what God has in store for them (by teaching and preaching), being in their company, must always testify of how God saved you also; so they won’t take you  as saint, encourage them to do spiritual exercise, and always pray for them.

In summary, all these must be done with love which must be visible to them.


First you must show them love by visiting them, giving gifts (small or big), by telling them the word of the Lord. Telling them what God says, show them the word of the Lord from the Bible let them see and read it. By showing constant concern about them, by telling them the truth always no matter how hard it may look.

Correct them in total love not harshly, always ask them question mostly about their life, family and work. Always intensify your prayer about them i.e. always hand them over to God.

Try to always or occasionally meet up with their needs.

Pastor (Mrs.) Folashade John

How do you behave with and towards unbelievers? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you tolerate them? Are you concerned about their salvation? Some Christians think that being kind to unbelievers is like throwing pearls before swine.

The word of God is very specific about how you as a Christian are to conduct(interact) towards unbelievers. God wants you to conduct yourself with wisdom towards unbelievers, Col 4: 5. You are to be Sympathetic(this could be in counseling, listening (e.t.c), compassionate and humble (1 Peter 3:9), patient e.t.c. If your conduct is indeed with wisdom, then the name of Christ will not be maligned.

…extracted from ‘Conduct towards unbelievers by Matt Slick

Oni Emmanuel Tobi

The relationship between a Christian with good spiritual grounds and an unbeliever goes a long way because it is in the nature of things that believers and unbelievers have different goals, interest, values and commitments.

Matthew 5: 16 says let your light shine, they must know our stand as Christians and if we are not honest in our relationships, it will lead to a disastrous effect to our path as in case of Solomon who married foreign wives (I Kings 11:4), his heart was turned after other gods.

Let us be good examples in relating with unbelievers because there is no greater love we can show them than leading them to Christ.

Relating with them carnally will only influence us wrongly and by this it will be difficult for us to do God’s will, it will  cloud our vision for victory and even drain our desire to live for God.

Mrs. Olufunkeleye Kazeem


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