Politics is a tasking affair and more impending when elections are around the corner. So far Nigeria has experienced leadership under the auspices of men folk and the story has not been palatable. The people of Nigeria are being constrained to look out for probably a female leadership to bring a turn around to the political and economy atmosphere of the nation. (This interview had been conducted before the only top female presidential candidate, Mrs Obiageli Ezekwesili, in the forthcoming election in Nigeria gave up the ambition).

Mrs. Okenyi

Leadership is the ability to inspire leadership in others, in order words leading by example is in women’s life. Leadership should be based on performance, effectiveness and human capacity rather than gender inequality.

If a female becomes the president of Nigeria there would be rapid growth in all social lives of Nigerians.

As we all know, women have been home managers for decades now. They know how to save and spend when money is scarce.

Women know how to efficiently handle resources, how to allocate them and maintain a balance. Women use the approach of scale of preference unlike men that just do things as it comes.

Women as mothers are considerate; they are motivators and know how to manage people. Women are patient and calm in every difficult situation.

Women are more accountable. If given the chance, a female that is committed and loyal to womanhood can perform much better as Nigeria’s president.

We need to support women; with this few points I think it’s the right time for Nigerians to try out a female president.

Mr. Micheal

Yes, Nigeria stands a chance of a good governance with a female president, if the president of Crotia would do well for Crotia then we can because women always have people at heart.

Deaconess Mrs. Oluwawunmi Akinola

I will say yes because there has never been a time that a woman has been given this opportunity and necessary support, only men and there has not been any improvement.


  1. Women are better managers of resources.
  2. Women are very compassionate and hardworking whatever they set their hearts to do they will ensure it works. For example Deborah was a leader and a judge in Israel and she did not fail in this duty.
  3. Women have better foresight than men.
  4. There have been other female presidents/ prime ministers in other countries in the world such as Liberia, UK, Croatia, Sri lanrka etc.

Mrs. Grace Emenike

Governance of a truth is not a child’s play and this can be seen through the endeavors of our past leaders. Well for me I see no harm in giving a woman the chance to rule, I’m not saying this because I am a woman but because I am of the school of thought that if you keep doing things the same way and there is no improvement then try another route or alternative.

Therefore, it will be a great step for our country Nigeria if a woman takes up the leadership role. The thing is women have been ridiculed as weakling but a look at the society today has beyond measurable doubt proved such statement as false.

Of a truth, we have our weaknesses but just as we do so also are the male folk so why shouldn’t we allow a woman to rule.  So I believe Nigeria stands a chance for better governance.

Mr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ohaji

For me it all depends on the personality of the woman but I’ll say yes. A woman who is really committed can make changes irrespective of her gender. A woman who has plan and policies in place can better shape Nigeria because politics is a different ball game entirely. Unlike having to cater for the family, you have to cater for a nation that consists of people with different ideology, belief and approach to life.


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