A herdsman with his flock
A herdsman with his flock

Nnamdi Elekwachi

The nationality question

Nigerian nations have boiling unresolved nationality questions. It is not only provocation of the most insensitive and inhumane nature for Buhari to seek to introduce exclusive Fulani LGAs into native lands of other indigenous nations of Nigeria.  RUGA/Fulani Cattle Colony introduces and creates 6 new exclusive Fulani LGAs in every State of Nigeria.

By implication indigenous Nigerian Nations are compelled by Federal Presidential power to have the Fulani who are alien to their lands to inherit and permanently retain part of their indigenous land as Fulani homeland.  Imagine 30 Fulani LGAs planted strategically all over the South East, or 36 of such LGAs scattered strategically all over Yorubaland or in the Middle Belt and South South?

Would Buhari create exclusive Igbo or Yoruba or Ijaw or Idoma or Efik or Ibibio or Urobo or Tiv LGAs in Sokoto, Kano, Zamfaraetc? If not why would Buhari pursue RUGA/Fulani Cattle Colonies program against the objections of States of the Middlebelt and Southern Nigeria?

Discrimination comparable only to Apartheid

The Fulani Exclusiveness of RUGA and the use of Federal Funds to build whole new ultra-modern LGAs with facilities not available to the other LGAs of the natives or indigenous Nigerians is nothing short of APARTHEID!  Apartheid is impermissible and unacceptable in Nigeria.

Religious, way of life, governance and socio political implications

RUGA/Cattle Colony is an LGA. With the herdsmen, come with their families and the full facilities of human settlements. Being exclusively Fulani, therefore the LGA becomes exclusively Moslem.

The LGA must come with Mosques for worship. With the LGA being exclusively Islamic, comes Sharia Courts and Sharia Law, along with Sharia police within the LGA in order to meet the religious and way of life needs of the settlers.

With it comes the need for Emirs or District heads. In one fell swoop suddenly each State in the South East, South South, South West, Middle Belt and other Christian and animist nations, must necessarily legitimise Sharia Law given 6  Sharia LGAs in their States. Inevitably Sharia Law must then be declared and recognised in all States of Nigeria. And boom, Nigeria has become a Sharia country!

Along with Sharia law becoming operational in all States of Nigeria follows Emirates being declared in those States and then demands for more Sharia LGAs and more land and then claims of right to govern the States and so on and so forth!

Legitimate Fulani rights inevitably arise to demand that each State of Nigeria make provisions to accommodate their language whether Fulfude or Hausa in the State Schools and public media broadcasts. The demand for both Sharia Law and dual language in each State of Nigeria would be perfectly legitimate. Why not?

A new ethnic group in Imo State for instance that has 6 LGAs as its homeland  plus the original 27 LGAs, would certainly be entitled to have their own language accommodated in Imo Schools and public broadcasts. They will be entitled to vote and be voted for. They will be entitled to have their Sharia Courts and facilities must be dualized to accommodate them and their different way of life.  Why not? Are they not also Imolites? After all they have 6 LGA homelands in Imo State. The same must unavoidably happen in all other States in Nigeria where RUGA is implemented, except in Northern States that are totally Sharia States.

Their Emirs must seat in the Imo House of Chiefs or traditional rulers and when it becomes one of their turns, an Emir will become the Head of the Imo Council of Ezes! Same must inevitably happen in all relevant States in Nigeria.

In effect, every State in Nigeria suddenly must as a legitimate necessity double up language, culture, judiciary, governance, traditional leadership and all aspects of their lives with the Fulani.

This must be what former President Obasanjo foresaw and accurately described as Fulanisation and Islamisation of Nigeria.

Will Buhari create Igbo and Yoruba Customary Law Courts in Sokoto, Kano, Katsina and in all Northern Moslem States of Nigeria? If not, why not?

Will Buhari also set up a RUGA for the Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Idoma and all other tribes of Nigeria so that Nigeria can be “Igbonised”, “Yorubanised”, “Ijawnised”, “Idomanised”, “Tivinised”, “Ibibionised”, “Edonised”, “Igbiranised”, “efikinised”, “urobonised” and “all kind of nized” with all ethnic groups in Nigeria and Christianised and ” animistinized”?

RUGA/Fulani Herdsmen Cattle Colony is outright declaration of Jihad! It won’t work without declaration of war against the indigenous nations of Nigeria and defeating them in a war of conquest!

In RUGA/Fulani Herdsmen Cattle Colonies, his Rivers & Riverbanks Bill and support for and protection of Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists plus romance and collaboration with Miyetti Allah, Buhari is directly and indirectly making and levying war against Nigeria.

RUGA/Fulani Herdsmen Cattle Colony program is the largest illegal migration in human history in terms of its size. It is unprecedented. It is also the greatest Jihad by stealth being executed through abuse and misuse of Presidential power and privilege to not only attempt to permanently enforce Fulani Caliphate colonisation of Nigeria, but also carry out eventual fulanisation and islamisation of Nigeria without open declaration of war against the indigenous nations of Nigeria.

Every indigenous Nigerian has a duty to resist this Buhari Jihad.  Any indigenous nation that accepts RUGA is already on their way to extinction from the face of the earth before they realise it. Ask the Hausa Kingdoms of the North or the nations of the Middle Belt that have had to live a life of endless wars of self-preservation against the Fulani Caliphate perpetual Jihad.


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