Pastor in charge of RCCG Youth Province 1, Bisi Akande
Pastor in charge of RCCG Youth Province 1, Bisi Akande

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Youth Province one (Christ Church) recently had their ‘Advance Conference 2019’ with the theme “Influential Leadership” at  block A, plot 6, Redemption Crescent, Apapa Oworonshoki Expressway, Gbagada, Lagos state.

The Convener, Pastor Bisi Akande who is also the Personal Assistant to the AGO (Admin/Personnel) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God as well as the Youth Province 1 Pastor noted in his welcome message that solving problems should be concern of all.

“People often say that our problem is leadership and I agree. But to see a problem and do nothing about it is to be a part of that problem.”

Akande who was the first speaker spoke on ‘Becoming an Influential leader’. In his definition for leadership, he said the simplest definition of leadership is Influence.

He added, “True leaders lead by influencing. As a leader where people will get to will be determined by what you do or do not do.”

He went on to state the stages of influence as position –  it will give you a platform to influence; respect  – gives you permission to influence; likability – people easily follow leaders they like; and production -what you do for the people and for the group.

He concluded his talk by stating that to become an influential leader one must be trustworthy, have a vision, add value to people, be a listener and empower people.

According to him “to empower others is to see the essentials in them, speak words of encouragement, share what you know and who you know and show others you believe them.

In an interview with our correspondent, he expressed his satisfaction over the year’s conference stating that he had a good time and that it was very practical with new dimensions of God’s infusion in their midst.

He said, “I think I like this year’s conference and it is a build up from last year and we are looking at a better time even as we advance next year and I think that people would have taken this forward.”

When asked what he thinks about the conference creating a platform for youth to become influential leaders, he said “Oh yes, I think so because that’s where we started from ‘influential leaders’ and I think that it is actually a platform for many people to change their leadership dynamics and understanding”.

Pastor Adeola Mensah spoke on ‘My Marriage, My Family and My Ministry’ in regards to being an influential leader with Bible text from Matthew 1: 18-20; 24-25. She defined marriage as a life binding union between a man and a woman as she consistently and repeatedly cited Joseph and Mary as examples of influential leaders.

Meanwhile Rev. Yemi Adedeji spoke on Spirit of Leadership to buttress on the theme. In his talk, he emphasized on integrity which he described as “saying what you mean and meaning what you say”.

Other speakers include Pastor J.F. Odesola and Pastor Jerry Eze.


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